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NeePho NP-8810 Camera Tripod


  • 7 Days Warranty(If there are any manufacturing defects)

NeePho NP-8810 Camera Tripod Price In Bangladesh


  • NeePho NP-8810 Camera Tripod is designed exclusively for home cameras and camcorders with compact size, easy to move, and easy to use. Taking pictures will be easy – reducing blurring caused by hand vibration. NeePho NP-8810 tripod also gives you the flexibility to create beautiful frames.
  • Light and sturdy: NeePho NP-8810 Tripod is made of Aluminum Alloy – Lightweight, Durable, and high mobility. In addition, the metal parts of the legs are covered with anti-oxidant paint, providing durability to the product. With a Folding length of 57cm, you can easily bring it for travel.
  • Easy height adjustment: With 3-foot segments of the same maximum height of 140cm, the tripod allows height adjustment to suit different shooting modes.
  • The middle shaft is rotatable: When using a heavy-weight camera, the tripod allows for the rotation of the middle shaft clockwise to increase pressure to hold the middle pillar, helping to fix the height.
  • Flipable headset: Turn the tightening button counter-clockwise allowing the camera to turn the camera over to capture the vertical frame, and rotate clockwise to lock the position.
  • Professional photography support: NeePho NP-8810 gives you the ability to easily locate the balanced position for the camera. Horizon photos, Landscape photos, or Architectural works can be taken professionally without spending too much effort to align.
  • Wide shooting angle: With a flexible design, easy to rotate in different directions, while rotating the camera up and down, left and right, or 90 degrees horizontally, you can capture objects at different angles.


  • Folded height: 0.560 m.
  • Max. Operating height: 1,500 m.
  • Min. Height: 0.545 m.
  • Pipe diameter : 21.2 * 16.2 cm.
  • Net weight: 1025 g.
  • Max. Load capacity : 3 KG.


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