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Remax RB-T9 Bluetooth Earphone


  • 7 Days Warranty (If there is any Manufacturing Defects)


Remax RB-T9 Bluetooth Earphone Price in Bangladesh

Remax RB-T9 Bluetooth Single Earphone With HD Voice is made with HD Voice Metal Texture, its coding intelligence effectively reduces the impact of environmental noise on music, and restores the original beauty of music in a noisy environment for you to keep quiet. This Bluetooth Earphone has a 100 mAh Battery Capacity, 180 hours standby, 5 hours of music times up to 10m (free space) operating distance, 6 hours of Talking time, 5 hours of music time, SM (2.402-2.480GHZ) Frequency, and restored CD-level sound quality.



Main Feature
Frequency SM(2.402-2.480GHZ)
Sound level/Sensitivity 108±3dB
Power Output Class 2 (-6dbm – +4dbm)
Connection Type Wireless Bluetooth
Physical Specification
Connector Bluetooth
Weight 8g / 0.28 oz
Warranty 7 Days Warranty

Compatibility diversity:
The headset can be connected 2 phones at the same time, more convenience

Anti-lost tips:
Voice of “headset is disconnected”, Blue light flashing, approx after 5 minutes, the system gets into “match situation”(it can be connected when it closes the phone), turn off after 6 minutes by itself

Metal texture:
Muti-function can press the button to use ABS material, carry on many surface treatments, vacuum plating processes, Let the metal texture like nature itself

Fish Mouth Type Silicon Earmuffs:
Wearing comfort is not easy to fall off. In ensuring the headset is stealth-based innovative the ear design creates an excellent wearing experience, the excellent fit of the ear canal, lasting wear a painless, effectively avoid the market people wearing headphones uncomfortable pain problems.


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