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Xiaomi Mi C200 IP Camera- 360° 1080P Home Security Smart IP Camera


Xiaomi Mi C200 IP Camera in Bangladesh

Introducing the Xiaomi Mi C200 IP Camera, a cutting-edge smart home security device with an array of impressive features. With its 360-degree panoramic view, this camera provides comprehensive coverage of your surroundings. Equipped with infrared night vision, it ensures clear footage even in low-light conditions. The camera utilizes advanced human detection technology to enhance security measures. Enjoy the benefits of full HD video with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p, delivering sharp and seamless visuals. Thanks to its WDR technology, the Xiaomi Mi C200 excels in capturing clear images even in challenging lighting environments. Now, you can acquire the Xiaomi Mi C200 IP Camera at a wholesale price from

Main features of Mi C200 IP Camera

  • 360 ° panoramic view
  • Upgrade to 1080P HD quality
  • Low light full-color technology
  • New generation noise reduction night vision
  • H.265 Video coding technology
  • Humanoid detection, effective filtering of invalid alarm
  • Two-way voice real-time call
  • Fully encrypted to build a privacy protection shield
  • The screen can be set to 180 degrees reverse


XiaomiI MIJIA Smart Camera

1080P HD / 360 ° viewing angle / Infrared night vision / Al-enhanced motion detection

360 ° panoramic view

The guard adopts a dual-motor gimbal, which can control the device to rotate freely up, down, left and right, 360 horizontal viewing angle, 960 vertical viewing angle. Silent motor, anti-shock structure design, make the equipment rotate smoothly. Tookfun

Upgrade to 1080P HD quality

The imaging is clearer, the resolution is upgraded to 1080p, the 2 million pixels are clearer, and the WDR is wide dynamic. Even if the backlight is backlit, the picture retains more details. Tookfun

Low light full color technology

Even in dim light, you can see color images. Please see the comparison chart

New generation noise reduction night vision

There is no red exposure at night, no visual pollution, so that family members can sleep peacefully. F2.1 large aperture, more light input, 940nm infrared fill light, night vision permeability is stronger. Please see the comparison chart

H.265 video coding technology

The new generation of H.265 video coding technology provides smoother viewing under the same network conditions and saves bandwidth while providing clear and detailed pictures.At the same pixel and bit rate, H.265 encoded video storage is 50% of traditional H.264
* Save 50% Bandwidth usage
* Save 50% of video storage space

Humanoid detection, effective filtering invalid alarm

Combined with the application of A1 technology in the field of deep learning, the algorithm and the network have been optimized to effectively filter invalid alarms and make alarms more accurate.

Two-way voice real-time call

Support two-way voice real-time calls, as real as face-to-face, no matter where and when, you can chat with your family warmly.

Three storage methods

Support local MicroSD card storage, automatic loop recording. Support NAS storage devices (such as Xiaomi router with storage function and other network storage devices), video files are backed up to the NAS storage device by SD card, and can be backed up at a custom time.

Support remote viewing of multiple devices

It supports remote viewing of mobile phones and tablets, and the historical records stored in the MicroSD card. It supports playback at 1x / 4x / 16x speed, which is convenient for browsing and saves time and effort.
* Support Android 4.4 or i0S9.0 and above.

Fully encrypted to build a privacy protection shield

The screen can be set to 180 degrees reverse

With its own screw-in base accessories, the operation is simple and convenient. It can be placed not only on the desktop, window sill, bedside of the home, but also upside down on the roof, wall, etc. When flipping, rotate the screen in the camera setting options to watch normally.

Connection steps

1. Download the APP
2. Power on the camera
3. Open the APP to find the device and connect it for normal use

Parcel list

PTZ version of Xiaomi Smart Camera * 1
Manual * 1
Wall mounting kit * 1
Power Cable x 1



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